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I am Rita Reimers, Cat Behaviorist, and busy Cat Parent! I am so excited that you are here, because that means you love cats as much as I do.

It also means you’re a cat parent who wants to learn more about your cat, his needs, his thoughts and quirky behaviors, and how to give your cat a fun, happy, healthy, and very long life!

If you haven’t yet joined our club, I urge you to become a member. Not only will you have exclusive access to my books and to my personal advice, you will also belong to a community filled with dedicated cat lovers with whom you can share stories and information. 

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Simon Says... Look What You're Missing

Join Us Inside! Make friends, Ask Questions, Share Photos and Stories, and get Support from other Cat Parents!  You will also find EXCLUSIVE MEMBERS ONLY content, as well as contests, forums, chatrooms, prizes, and regular chats hosted by my mom, Rita Reimers aka The Cat Analyst! Rita is a Cat Behaviorist who writes for Catster Magazine, and who is sought after by Cat Parents just like you, who need guidance or just have questions about their kitties. But as a member of The New Cattitude Club, YOU will have direct access to Rita, and get to chat with her on a regular basis. Rita also owns and runs the biggest Cats-Only pet sitting company in the USA, Just For Cats Pet Sitting, and lives with a house full of rescue kitties, including me, her favorite, Clubhouse Head Kitty, Simon!

Have you ever noticed how important it is to parents of toddlers to find play groups, and dog parents to go to dog parks? They get so much from socializing with others who share similar interests, loves and are going through the same things. Hey! Nobody understands kitty love like a kitty parent! They share their struggles and joys! They ask questions and share their knowledge! It's so important to have help and support.

SO, where do all the kitty parents go?

Well, They go to The New Cattitude Club, of course! What are you waiting for? We're all waiting for you inside, especially me! Join today and see for yourself all the fun and information you've been missing. Simon Says

About Rita's Book, Sadie's Heart

Sadie’s Heart is a story about loving and losing our feline family members and how to cope with the sadness. Written by Rita Reimers, Feline Behaviorist and owner of Just For Cats Pet Sitting, a Professional Cat Sitting Company operating as Cats 90210 in Beverly Hills, CA and as Charlotte Cat Sitting in NC, Rita shares her own personal loss of her special cat, Sadie. Anyone who has ever loved a cat will relate to her story and the raw emotions she shares. It is Rita’s goal to help others who are experiencing this type of loss to feel less alone in their grief. More importantly, she reassures us that we can once again find joy, and perhaps a new kitty love, after losing our feline best friend.

Rita currently shares her home with many wonderful felines, but still misses her special Sadie kitty.

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Featured Image of the Month

Simon Says is one of Rita's cats, and is also the mascot (and Boss!) inside The New Cattitude Club! Adopted as a tiny 7-week old kitten from the Lancaster SC Animal Shelter, Simon was thought to be sick when he was first brought to Rita's attention. Turns out, Simon wasn't sick at all. It was a very clever ploy to become one of her much loved and spoiled kitties!

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