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the carolina cat haven and sanctuary

Please help us fund our own little DREAM-CAT-CHER!

What’s that, you ask? Well, we mean a dream home for those CATS getting on up there in the years and in serious need of a place they can call home. It will be a place where these precious, aging cats be cared for and loved.
As we humans get older, we very often find ourselves needing the help of others to care for us on a daily basis. Now more than ever, senior-care living facilities have become a very important part of the American landscape. In fact, many of us have parents or other older loved ones we’ve had to entrust to the care of others on a daily basis. Because of our own busy schedules, we often need their help in supplementing and caring for the ones we love. If you’re one of those people responsible for taking care of an aging loved one, then you know what we mean. Your loved ones need and deserve that special care at this stage of their lives, especially considering all they’ve done preparing you for life.

Now we’d like you to consider this. America’s cat-lovers know that our cats often become very important members of our families. And like humans, cats may also need the special care of others as they get older. Sadly, many cats fall through the safety-nets we count on being there for us humans. That’s doubly sad when you consider how much love and devotion cats have provided to the people and families who’ve taken care of them for so many years. But for whatever reason, cats may lose that human care and kindness, especially as they get older. That’s where the new Carolina Senior Cat Haven and Sanctuary is ready to come to the rescue. First, a little background information and history of our new sanctuary.

Opening a rescue for cats is a long-held dream for Sanctuary founder, Rita Reimers. And now Rita is working hard to make that dream become a reality. She’s one special cat-lover and has worked with our feline friends for many years. In fact, Rita already cares for 20 rescue cats who live in her own at-home sanctuary. She loves each of them as much as she loves the next, providing them with a home, good-health care, proper nutrition and the love they deserve. But Rita wants to do even more. Right now, she owns the country’s largest cats-only pet-sitting business, Just For Cats Pet Sitting. Just For Cats operates in three states, including right here in North Carolina. Rita and her devoted staff have begun the groundwork for creating that loving place for these precious older cats, all of which are in need of some tender, loving care.

The Carolina Senior Cat Haven & Sanctuary is designed to be a place for these older-kitty souls to live out the rest of their lives in comfort, and with proper care. (Much like that care we all want for our aging loved ones.) Not only that, our hope is that some of these older cats may even find a new cat parent, willing to take them in and love them as they prepare to cross that rainbow-bridge into kitty-heaven. The sad news is that many older cats already in shelters are left behind. That’s because many people gravitate to younger cats and kittens for adoption, a fact we understand. But truth is, these wonderful, older cats have plenty of love to offer on their own and can still make wonderful pets. They might even be the perfect companion for an aging parent. Let us tell you about one of them.

the carolina cat haven and sanctuary Her name is VELVET. She”s a beautiful and healthy 14 year-old kitty who is being surrendered. Velvet is now being boarded and that’s probably a scary experience for her. 14 years-old, in cat years, would be like a human being in their 70s or 80s and, like us, she’s surely set in her ways. Velvet is a lap kitty but because she’s a “senior” now, may prefer being the only cat in the house. She was adopted as a six-month-old kitten and at age 14, she’s still in excellent health. Velvet loves sitting in someone’s lap, is extremely sweet and easy to care for. She’s now being boarded at Cats Cradle in Matthews, NC—but we know she would make an excellent new member, for the family willing to take her in.

Of course, Velvet is just one story but there are so many more. What we don’t want is for these wonderful felines to end up living on the street, hungry, in poor health and putting their lives at risk. That’s why it’s so important for Rita and her friends at Just For Cats Pet Sitting to create this special sanctuary for those older cats in need of a home. Won’t you join us in making this dream possible for those deserving kitties?


Video Courtesy of Terry Schultz

As of today, we are filing for 501(c)3 status, a process that can take months. We do so need your help! We’re asking all cat-lovers and those folks who love all animals to join us in this crusade. We have only a short window of opportunity for being able to move into the wonderful FURR Rescue location, so graciously offered to us by the amazing Terry Shultz. So it’s so very important to receive as many contributions as possible, as quickly as we can. We only have until the end of summer, then this opportunity is lost to us forever, and we’ll have to start building. Building from scratch will delay our being able to help cats, cats like “Boyfriend” who was recently rescued by Terry Schultz, and who was homed by TCH (The Cat Haven); our own Linda Hall will be adopting! He is another senior who was tossed out like trash…

The Carolina Senior Cat Haven and Sanctuary needs you. Won’t you help us but even more important, won’t you be a friend indeed…to some beautiful, loving cats…IN NEED!


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**special thank to Elijah Jones for his work writing the bulk of this article!**