Is My Cat Sick?

If you are asking that question, then he probably is.

vetAs owner of a pet sitting company that visits only cats, I am often asked questions about cats and their health needs. The number one question I hear all the time from both clients and friends alike is “Does my cat need to see the vet?”

My first response is always YES! No one knows your cat better than you do, so if that question is even crossing your mind, then you already suspect something is wrong.

Sometimes it’s a subtle shift in behavior that perhaps someone who doesn’t know your cat well would not even notice. One reason we assign one primary cat sitter to each of our clients at Just For Cats Pet Sitting is so they get to know your cats well enough to notice these subtle signs.

But sometimes things are more obvious. Here are some tell-tale signs that your cat is in need of medical attention:

  • Decreased Appetite is the number one sign that something is wrong. If your cat is not eating or drinking, this can be a sign that your cat is ill, and this should not be taken lightly. Just 3 days without food could result in Fatty Liver Disease, which is very serious and often fatal.
  • Lethargy is another sign something is going on that could be a medical problem, such as Urinary Blockages or Anemia.
  • Increased Urination and Thirst could indicate Feline Diabetes or the beginning stages of Kidney Failure, to name a few possibilities.
  • Decreased Urination might be caused by urinary blockages such as Crystals or Stones, a Urinary Tract Infection or even the chronic urinary tract disease known as FLUTD.
  • Urination Outside The Box could be a behavior issue but it also could indicate a medical issue, like the ones mentioned above. Before soliciting the assistance of a Cat Behavorist, be sure to rule out any organic causes first. Also please refer to my Behavior Blog, where I wrote an article about Litter Box Avoidance and tips to keep your kitty “going” inside the box.

I cannot stress enough: If you think something is wrong, you are probably right! A check up with your veterinarian will give you both peace of mind.