Lux the 22-Pound Cat is at “The Pound”

AP Photo/Lee Palmer
AP Photo by Lee PalmerThe worst has happened, just as I feared. Lux is now in the custody of Animal Control at the Multnomah County Animal Services shelter, aka the pound. The family is still “deciding” if they will keep him or not, but I believe that statement is just to keep people from beating down their door. You can read the developing story here, Lux At The Shelter.


Lux’s fate is now in a precarious state. Shelters don’t usually let people adopt an animal that has been “violent” and only allows rescues to pull an animal that has been tagged as having an aggressive history.It is my sincere hope that a local rescue in Oregon will save Lux, otherwise he has no future. Perhaps my colleague Jackson Galaxy can step in to save him. With his TV show, he may be in the best position to help Lux than any other cat behaviorist, me included.

I am simply heartsick over this situation, which was completely avoidable. And I know there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other cats and dogs living through the same thing right now. I pray for them all, as I hold my own 18 former rescue and shelter cats just a little tighter today…