pills and cats do not mixA friend and fellow cat rescuer of mine is experiencing a devastating loss. His 5-year-old kitty passed away suddenly because of a horrible accident, and he may never forgive himself.

After taking some ibuprofen, my friend placed the child-safety cap onto the bottle to keep his cats from getting into the contents. But instead of putting the bottle back inside the medicine cabinet, he put it on the counter top and then left his apartment.

Cats being the curious creatures they are, investigation of the pill bottle soon began and it was batted around and knocked to the floor. The cap flew off, and kitty decided to eat some of the pills.

Although kitty was rushed to the vet, $5,000 later, this cat could not be saved.

I implore you, please be careful with any prescription or over the counter medications. As professional pet sitters, one of the first things my staff members at Just For Cats Pet Sitting do when entering someone’s home to care for their cats is look for potentially harmful items. We’ve found ibuprofen, as well as other medications, left out in the open out of the bottle scattered on the counter tops and even spilled onto the floor.

Please put all medications back into their bottles and then put the bottles out of the reach of your pets. Those extra few moments it takes to secure your medications could save your beloved cat or dog’s life, and you the pain (and expense) of a senseless tragic loss.