Today is My Birthday

and I am counting my blessings..

Today, July 31, is my 56th Birthday.

To say I don’t know where the time has gone would be an understatement, and I am well aware that there are more days behind me than lay ahead.

But, I have been lucky. After a successful but unfulfilling 22-year career in the Information Technology industry, with the help and encouragement of many people along the way I have somehow turned my passion for cats into a thriving business. I am not rich, but I am able to support myself, my 19 rescue cats, and also employ many of the people who have cheered me on during the last nearly 15 years while the company was built.

We are actually several companies now; 2 cat sitting company locations, the cat behavior company, and the dream of our senior cat haven is slowly coming into focus. and there is more to come….

Whatever years I have left will continue to be dedicated to cats, the people who love and own them, and the people who help me achieve the goals of Just For Cats, The Cat Analyst, and the Carolina Senior Cat Haven.

I hope you will continue to take this journey with me, and my wonderful Staff. We have many surprises planned for the next few years, and I want you all to be part of this wonderful journey.

It’s all about the cats!